28 Jul 2022

Elephant Pump in Zimbabwe named by Optima

Last week, the water well in the photo; built by members of the local community and a team leader from The Africa Trust, was completed. Optima is honoured to have been involved and to have name the water pump. 

Situated in a part of Manicaland, Zimbabwe where potable water is otherwise much harder to access, the Elephant Pump will make a big difference for everyone living in the locality.

With construction at the heart of all we do; Optima is honoured to be part a build where a very clever design uses materials available locally to improve the lives of so many people! In the past 20 years, The Africa Trust has built more than 8,000 Elephant Pumps throughout Liberia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. 


A 2,000 year-old design from ancient China was adapted by The Africa Trust CEO Ian Thorpe for which he was awarded the St Andrews Medal for the Environment in 2005 (diagram below).

The words written on the well/pump in the photo translate to:

‘Drinking water with Zimbabwe
Optima Site Solutions’

Now, every time we fill up a glass from our AquAid water cooler in the office we are drinking alongside people thousands of miles away! 


Click the button below to Read More about Optima’s ongoing support of AquAid which is a major partner of The Africa Trust in the UK.

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