Interview advice

We would like to share some interview advice with you, to help you land that job…

  1. Prepare – Take the time to consider the most like questions that you are going to be asked during the interview, and prepare for them.
  1. Research – Spend time reading up on your potential employer by looking at their website and other literature. Demonstrating that you have done your homework will always put you in good stead.
  1. Look Good – Consider your dress and appearance very carefully. Creating a professional first impression is crucial.
  1. Get focussed – Allow plenty of time to arrive at your interview early without and delays or stress. Take your notebook, a pen, and a copy of your CV as a minimum, and remember to listen carefully and stay focussed.
  1. Be friendly and stay relaxed – Don’t forget to smile, even if you’re nervous!
  1. Ask questions – Have some questions planned for the interviewer, in advance.
  1. Pay full attention and take notes – This will give the interviewer more confidence that you are taking everything in.
  1. End on a positive – Conclude the interview on a positive note, maybe by saying something like, “I look forward to hearing from you”.